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Public Venues Solutions


SmartRestroom turns venue restrooms into intelligent data-collecting environments that improve the overall customer experience. This à la carte solution allows public venues to choose from a set of features to customize their system to their specific needs. Included in this feature set are customer throughput counting, passive janitorial staff monitoring, smart locks and lights, digital occupancy displays, automatic cleaning alerts, and customer feedback surveys.

The solution includes the SmartRestroom Business Intelligence Platform and user interface. The Business Intelligence Platform allows venues to view current data for all restrooms in the SmartRestroom system, as well as customer and janitorial staff information in the form of graphs and charts. The user interface allows authorized users to view detailed information about the restrooms and janitorial staff, including customer throughput, cleaning time stamps, staff activity, and the alert log.


Engage is a digital signage solution that allows users to easily create directional signage, personalized messages, digital directories, and advertisements to display on monitors or video walls in public venues. The solution’s user-friendly interface is equipped with a library of images, templates and more to give users the tools they need to reach their customers.

The flexibility of Engage makes it an ideal addition to any public venue. Once customers are inside, a digital advertisement for the nearest restaurant or retail concessionaire can show them how to spend their time before the event begins. The displays can also help guide customers to their destinations within the venue by displaying facility maps or general directional signage.


TRAX gives public venues the power to make data-driven decisions that improve the overall customer experience and generate more revenue. This queue management solution uses Bluetooth and video analytic technologies to monitor customer flow and count in different areas of public venues. Using TRAX, venues can determine which restaurants and vendors are the most popular with customers, which events have higher attendance, and other insights that can be used to drive critical decisions that will impact the future success of the facility

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