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Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Infax was selected to design, provide and install a multi-terminal flight information display system with more than 400 LCD flat panel displays. The installation included interfaces to a common use passenger processing system in approximately 250 gates, as well as the airport’s public address system and its resource management system for gates, ticket counters and baggage carousels. The project was soon expanded to include the conversion of the North Terminal Baggage Claim into a common-use baggage claim facility. As the city was on a budget, Infax implemented cost-friendly design modifications that saved the City of Atlanta more than $250,000 in project costs.

Later, Infax expanded its existing solution in Hartsfield-Jackson to include the Maynard H. Jackson International Terminal, Concourse F. Infax provided over 300 new displays to manage flight, gate and baggage information, ticket counters, TSA, Customs and Border Protection and curbside drop-off. The airport also displays multilingual messages using Engage, Infax’s digital signage creator. These messages guide international passengers arriving at other concourses to the unified baggage claim area in Concourse F.

In 2013, Hartsfield-Jackson again selected Infax to handle the installation and support of an interactive directory solution. A total of 49 55-inch LCD displays and touchscreen panels were installed throughout the airport to help guide passengers to their destinations.

Infax’s most recent project at Hartsfield-Jackson was replacing Delta’s large projection-based baggage claim display with a new LED display from NanoLumens®. The 30-by-8-foot display provides real-time baggage claim information to passengers using Infax’s flight information display software, WinFIDS7.0®, and its Engage software. Engage segments the new display into regions, allowing Delta to post promotional graphic advertisements alongside the baggage claim information.

Due to the large amount of hardware and software Infax has implemented in Hartsfield-Jackson, Infax personnel is onsite 16 hours a day, five days a week, to ensure that the world’s busiest airport stays up and running.

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