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Clayton County Sheriff’s Department

"Since purchasing an Infax system, we have not once regretted our decision to do so. From the sales representatives to the tech support, the Infax customer service team is one of the friendliest and most knowledgeable ones I have ever worked with. JailCall has allowed us to communicate with the public in ways we could not have in the past. We use JailCall in our lobby to inform the public of the status of inmates housed in our Jail, and we use the Engage solution to display our top 10 most wanted criminals, which has already helped the public identify and aide in the arrest of two wanted people. JailCall and Engage have been great assets to the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office."

–Captain Robert Pauls, Clayton County Jail

Clayton County Sheriff’s Department

The Clayton County Sheriff’s Department was having trouble communicating inmate information with the visiting public. Without a way to easily see up-to-date detainee and inmate information, visitors were left uninformed and confused upon entering the facility. As a result, department staff members were often overwhelmed by the high volumes of visitors asking for assistance. This pulled staff away from their assigned tasks and further slowed facility operations. In 2015, the Clayton County Sheriff’s Department sought a solution to its problem, and after proposing its JailCall and Engage software solutions, Infax was selected for the job.

Infax currently has installations in Clayton County courthouses, so integrating the new solutions with the current server was best for this project. Two 40-inch monitors were provided to the department that flip through all of the detainees while showing their booking statuses in real time. If any changes need to be made to the information, authorized staff members simply enter the changes into the Jail management system to automatically update the appropriate displays. Also included in the installation was Engage, Infax’s content-creating software. With Engage, users can display welcome messages, digital directories, emergency warnings, bond company information and more. All of Infax’s dynamic software solutions help to limit confusion among Jail visitors by providing pertinent information.

JailCall’s eye-catching displays in the Clayton County Sheriff’s Department provide visitors with current detainee information. As a result, the Sheriff’s Department is more organized, leaving employees and visitors less stressed. Infax’s Engage solution customizes communication with visitors to help them feel as informed as possible. By using Engage to display Clayton County’s Most Wanted, Jail visitors were able to recognize two of the wanted criminals and alerted the Sheriff’s Department, resulting in the criminals’ capture and detainment. With the addition of Infax’s installations, Clayton County has improved overall efficiency and ease for its many visitors.

Clayton County Sheriff’s Department
Clayton County Sheriff’s Department

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