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Eugene Airport

"The Eugene Airport started using Infax in 1998 and they have been a great partner ever since. In 2014 we moved to the Infax cloud-based system and never looked back. We have now expanded the use of the system throughout the entire city. We are using the digital signage features in the Hult Center concert hall, throughout our recreation centers and library and for displaying class room schedules in one of our training facilities. Every step along the way Infax has been there with us to help in any way they could."

– Steve Harding, Application Systems Analyst

Eugene Airport

In 1998, the Eugene Airport selected Infax, Inc. to provide and install a Multi-User Flight Information Display System using the Infax WinFIDS® solution. WinFIDS automatically displays vital real-time flight information to airport passengers. The software solution accepts multiple automatic data sources such as ASDI data feeds and airline interfaces to alleviate airport personnel from manually entering arrival and departure information. Since the initial installation, the airport has expanded its system to include Engage, Infax’s content-creating digital signage solution. Engage allows users to easily create digital signage pages, content playlists, personalized messages and advertisements to be displayed on monitors throughout the facility. The Eugene Airport utilizes Engage’s inactive playlist feature to display advertisements and other content at gates that are not displaying flight information.

The Infax WinFIDS and Engage solutions have enabled the Eugene Airport to effectively communicate with its passengers in an informative and dynamic way. Both solutions are web-based applications, which allows the airport to access the system from any browser or any device on the network. In 2014, the airport was able to seamlessly transition from an on-site server solution to a cloud-based solution, relieving airport staff from maintaining the on-site server hardware.

After seeing the success of the airport’s Infax system, the City of Eugene called on Infax in early 2017 to implement Engage in several locations throughout the city. These installations included the Hult Center, the Eugene Springfield Fire Administration Building and the Eugene Library. The City of Eugene uses Engage to display upcoming events, class schedules and other information pertaining to the residents of Eugene, Oregon.

Eugene Airport
Eugene Airport

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