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WinFIDS 7.0®

The WinFIDS 7.0 Suite allows airport authorities to easily manage and display real-time flight information, baggage information and gate information to airport passengers. The solution can integrate with any airline interface or flight data source to update expected departure times and accept changes made by authorized staff using the system’s web-based interface.

The system can also display visual paging messages, urgent airport information and other public announcements. With optional add-ons, any flight, baggage, or gate information screen can show weather forecasts, local and national news headlines, or any other information available through an RSS feed. WinFIDS can also publish real-time airline data to the airport’s website, allowing passengers to check arrivals, departures, gate changes and flight status.


Engage is a digital signage solution that allows users to easily create directional signage, personalized messages, digital directories, and advertisements to display on monitors or video walls in the airport. The solution’s user-friendly interface is equipped with a library of images, templates and more to give users the tools they need to reach airport passengers.

The flexibility of Engage makes it an ideal addition to gate areas. Once passengers have arrived at their departure gates, a digital advertisement for the nearest restaurant or retail concessionaire can show them how to spend their time before boarding. For the early morning hours, users can schedule Engage to run a coffee shop advertisement to point passengers to the closest coffee provider.

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