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Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport selected Infax to design, provide and install a multi-terminal (over 400 flat panel displays and well over 100 data drops) MUFIDS and interfaces to the Common Use Terminal Equipment for approximately 250 common use gates and ticket counters, the Peavy public address system, and the Ascent Technology Resource Management System (gate, ticket counter and baggage carousel management). Infax was the general contractor and, in addition to the software and computer hardware scope, was responsible for all electrical, low voltage, networking and mounting structures for this project. The project was expanded to include a complete redesign of the North Terminal Baggage Claim and convert it to a common use baggage claim facility.

The City’s budget was extremely “lean” and they requested that Infax review the designs and suggest ways for cost savings. Infax’s design engineers and our project team suggested the following design modifications, which were implemented and saved the City of Atlanta more than $250,000 in project costs.

  • Developed, engineered and installed VLAN designs (security and physical) to allow the systems to utilize the existing physical fiber portion of the airport’s Wi-FI network eliminating the need for duplicate fiber, conduit and network equipment.
  • Developed, designed and installed alternate physical mounting designs for the 40-inch liquid crystal displays (LCD) used in the project.

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