Military Parking Validations - Specialty and Disabled License Plates

Disabled Veteran License Plates (Issued by any State)

Veterans who have permanently affixed disabled veteran license plates on the vehicles parked at the San Antonio International Airport are granted validated parking for their entire parking stay within the Airport public parking facilities. Disabled veteran license plates issued by the State of Texas or any other U.S. state that indicate on the face of the license plate that the owner of the vehicle is a disabled veteran of the United States will be honored.

Specialty License Plates (Texas Issued Only)

Complimentary parking is extended to those veterans who have certain recognized specialty service plates issued by the State of Texas. The complimentary parking is applicable when the registered owner(s) of the vehicle (includes spouse or surviving spouse, if listed on the vehicle registration) are in the vehicle when exiting the parking area. The following is a list of those plates that are recognized by Texas State Law (Texas Transportation Code 681.008 and 504.317) and San Antonio City Code.

Free parking for disabled vets and Texas specialty license plate holders will be honored when the customer presents the following at the parking exit: